World class corporate building with Platiunum LEED sustainability.
Winner of the 2018 International Highrise Award for the best skyscraper in the world.


Torre Reforma is a success story thanks to the movement of the "Big House" and is currently considered one of the most important technological innovations in the field of engineering and heritage conservation that has taken place in Mexico.

"The Big House"
heritage conservation project

The Big House is currently classified as urban cultural of artistic value by the INBA and as cultural heritage by the Urban Development Department.

In order to be able to excavate the 9 basements of foundation for Torre Reforma, it was necessary to make a temporary displacement of The Big House, which was solved by building a concrete tray that confined the original foundation of the house.


Characterized by its imposing height, the main structure of concrete walls, the resistance to high levels of seismic activity and sustainability. Torre Reforma is positioned as the best corporate building of the world.

Technical Attributes

  • 246 m tall
  • 57 floors
  • 31 smart elevators
  • Last generation Port System
  • First pressurized elevator system in Mexico
  • 9 parking floors
  • 1,100 self service parking spots
  • 440 automated parking spots
  • Director exclusive parking spots
  • Vaults

Maximum security

Mezzanine with graphic center 24 / 7 Honeywell which will detect:
  • Image of all shared areas
  • Smoke detectors across the building
  • A/C usage
  • Air quality
  • Hydrants
  • Water sprinklers
  • Control absoluto de elevadores
  • Fugas de agua dentro de las oficinas
  • Control de puertas de acceso a oficinas
  • Calidad de aire en estacionamientos

General Attributes

  • Delivery of energy in medium voltage with savings of up to 30% vs commercial rate
  • Energy delivery on floor
  • 2 pressurized emergency stairs in case of fire
  • Facade with trilaminated glass which provides high airtightness to avoid noise and heat generating causing an energy saving of 25%
  • Light-splitters in 100% of the facade
  • Reduction of CO2 thanks to robotic parking


  • 45,000 m2 for rent
  • 14 clusters of 2,200 m2 aprox. with triple height gardens
  • Floors starting from 875 m2
  • Work spaces starting from 200 m2
  • 440 parking spots with robotic parking
  • 4 High speed shuttles
  • Sky lobby with panoramic auditorium, terrace and private boardroom
  • More than 2,500 m2 for commercial use (Cocina Abierta y Mac Store)
  • Sport City with more than 2,500 m2 of sports facilities (N-4 to N-7)
  • Machine room located in the Rooftop


Torre Reforma is a reference in matter of sustainability in Latin America.

The Green Building Council has published in their website the characteristics and attributes that certify Torre Reforma as a Platium LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) Core and Shell v2 2016.


The Ambient Sustainability Audit Program (PAAS) enables the access for tax incentives established in the Tax Code for Mexico City. This program was developed for voluntary regulation aimed to tranform buildings (current and future) to sustainable practices based on the rational use of water, energy, preservation of green areas as well as the responsible management of waste.

Concrete walls

Torre Reforma is characterized by the strength and structural solidity of both the concrete walls, strategically designed to avoid the placement of intermediate columns in the interior spaces which provide flexibility to create interior design projects efficiently. In addition the soft and slender design inspired by Mexican tectonics accompanied by the imposing height make these two walls the highest in the world.


Reform Tower has exclusive amenities for tenants that allow them to carry out executive activities outside their offices in fully conditioned spaces, which can be reserved and managed through our digital platform Hexa Concierge.


Meeting rooms equipped with the highest audiovisual technology and wireless network.


Large terrace for 250 people specially designed to enjoy the unparalleled views of the city.

Panoramic auditorium

Panoramic Auditorium with 100 seats


Torre Reforma complements the executive lifestyle through an innovative gastronomic offer in the Cocina Abierta restaurant, sport through Sport city and technology with the Mac Store.

Cocina Abierta

One of the recurring fantasies of consecrated gourmets is, literally, to eat the world. In a careful exercise of gourmet curatorship, Cocina Abierta reconciles the most outstanding flavors of the international urban scene in a novel multidisciplinary concept with complete restaurant service.

Going through the bowels of this culinary paradise, meticulously designed by Grupo MYT, is a stimulating experience for the senses. Healthy but delicious options are listed on the menu (Healthy Guru); mixology inspired by the golden age of Acapulco (Teddy's); contemporary Mexican gastronomy (Dulcinea); artisanal treasures of the Italian osteria (Carina); Majestic cuts that appeal to our hunting nature (Primitivo); traditional fonda recipes (Market Modest) and unpretentious Japanese dishes (Moshi Moshi).

La Imperial

La Imperial restores and exalts Mexican pride for the history, cuisine and customs of the Porfirian canteens. The menu is created from national endemic dishes and pays tribute to those that have been typical in large salons, such as chipotle meatballs, inspired by a recipe that was served in the now defunct Guadalupana, Coyoacán; el aguachile Tribilín, in a tribute to El Mirador de Chapultepec Tribin, or Pachola, the star dish, which is ground beef in metate, marinated with dried chili.

The ambience of the premises forms another of its hallmarks. Its design elements - a mixture of originals and reinterpretations made to measure - are the result of a meticulous investigation that ranged from the Museo del Templo Mayor to the Castillo de Chapultepec, and included visits to the most representative bars in Mexico City. .
El resultado es un espacio auténtico que rememora cómo nuestro joven país construyó su identidad en torno a sus cantinas.

Sport as a lifestyle

Under a concept of exclusivity and cutting edge in sports, partners can enjoy the best customized fitness programs, supervised by highly trained coaches.

In SC Executive the partners also have advice in physiology, biomechanics and nutrition to achieve maximum performance (MAT), evaluation of the profile and physical conditions of each one (Biotest), as well as a cardiovascular area, free weight and integrated with devices of last generation, semi-Olympic pool and functional area. It will also have food and beverage service from City Café.
Sport City represents the highest level, within an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, for sports as your lifestyle.