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Torre Reforma is the only Mexican world-class corporate building with high sustainability whose innovating solutions and strategic location offer incomparable conditions for the quality of life and business success.

The users of Torre Reforma will enjoy clean interior air, lightning, and natural ventilation, as well as marvelous views of the exterior in 90% of its occupied spaces. These factors foster up to an 18% increase in productivity and contribute to the reduction of stress.

Torre Reforma is a unique building in Mexico thanks to the quality of life and the success people enjoy with and in it.

Source: Productivity & Health Benefits, The Business Case for Green Building © 2013



  • 750 m² approx. Floor Plan

  • 14 clusters of 3 floors of 2,300 m² each approx.

  • Common areas per floor will include:

    • Completed foyers, including:

      • Pressurized foyers in case of fire since the elevators will also work if a fire takes place (this is the first system of its kind in Mexico).

    • Two independent emergency staircases.

    • Two water hydrants, once per emergency staircase.

    • Two completed restrooms.

    • Elevator with an additional load surface that stops at every floor.

  • The floors (area for lease) will include:

    • Chilled water supply points.

    • Two pipelines per floor, Hydraulic and Electrical.

    • The electrical pipeline shall have an electro-pipeline, which generates important savings in the whole wiring system.

    • Supply points for water sprinklers.

    • Connections for the installation of smoke detectors.

    • Fire retardant feature in the entire metal structure.