• Torre Reforma

    Quality life for success

  • Torre Reforma

    Quality life for success

  • Torre Reforma

    Quality life for success

Torre Reforma

Torre Reforma, Mexican architectural work designed by the renowned architect L. Benjamin Romano and his office LBR & A, recently winner of the International Highrise Award 2018 as the best skyscraper in the world.

Its imposing height supported by two large concrete walls, the absence of columns in its interior, the cultural preservation of the old house located in its facade and the high degree of resistance to the seismic movement, have turned Torre Reforma into a Mexican benchmark world class famed for the efficiency in its architectural design, technology, engineering, structure and sustainability that today position it as one of the most innovative buildings in real estate history.
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Events in Torre Reforma

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Clusters and flats available for rent

Clusters made up of 3 levels and triple height garden with approx. 2,200 m2 of profitable area. In addition independent floors variable in their surface by the height and its location in the tower.
Location Floor Area
Low Rise 13 400
Mid Rise 33 284
Mid Rise 34 744
Mid Rise 35 745
High Rise 45 707
High Rise 46 780
High Rise 48 717
High Rise 53 510
High Rise 54 435
High Rise 55 259
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Torre Reforma integrates services that improve the user experience and their quality of life.

Commercial services

Torre Reforma complements the executive lifestyle by means of an innovative gastronomic offer in La Imperial, Cocina Abierta restaurant, sport through Sport City and technology with Mac Store.

Prime location

Torre Reforma is located in one of the most privileged points of Av. Paseo de la Reforma, facing the entrance of the Chapultepec forest, which allows you to enjoy unparalleled views of the castle worthy of one of the most beautiful historical postcards of Mexico.

Being Av. Paseo de la Reforma the most important historical, financial and commercial corridor in Mexico and Latin America, the location of Torre Reforma offers efficient connectivity and various public transport options such as metro, metrobús, ecobici and buses that distribute visitors through diverse parts of the city making its entrance and exit comfortable.
Reforma No. 483,
on the corner with Rio Elba
Col. Cuauhtémoc
Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc
Mexico City

The best skyscraper in the world 2018

Due to its characteristics, Torre Reforma has won several international awards in architecture, technology and innovation categories.

The Mexican architect Benjamín Romano and his office
with a trajectory of more than 40 years, with Torre Reforma have exalted Mexico for the high degree of competitiveness against world-class corporates.

Recently and unanimously by the jury, Torre Reforma received the International Highrise Award 2018 as "The Best Skyscraper in the World" in the city of Frankfurt.


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