A smart digital concierge service for the tenants of Torre Reforma.

With Hexa Concierge, an electronic support platform will be available for you to focus on your business by letting this innovative tool to solve your needs.

Among the services you can manage with Hexa Concierge, there are:

Pre-registration of Guests.

The users will be able to pre-register their guests anticipating their arrival and rendering this process more comfortable, practical, and efficient for their visitors.

VIP Visitors Registration

Users will be able to register their VIP visitors in order to, with the authorization of the Office Manager, omit the admittance process and for the visitors to have direct access to the offices.

Management of Smart Cards

The Office Manager will allow the absolute control over the smart cards of all the users of your enterprise, from the accessibility and permissions (access, services, among others) up to the activation or deactivation of said cards.

Auditorium Booking

The Office Manager shall be able to book the auditorium by means of an interactive calendar that will show its availability. Moreover, he will also be able to request complementary elements such as catering, stationary, among others.

With Hexa Concierge, the tenants of Torre Reforma will solely need to focus on making their business grow and achieve success.